About Koi Madura

Koi Madura La Habra

Since 2005, the Koi Madura business has been servicing the needs of Koi Lovers in both Los Angeles and Orange County.

Beginning with our first location in Lakewood, California, then later relocating to La Habra, California in 2010, our mission has always been to provide the Best Quality Koi Fish, Koi Fish supplies, equipment, and pond building materials, to fit the needs and budgets of our many customers.

We have been in the business of providing High Quality Japanese Koi because we enjoy seeing the peace of mind and tranquility that these Koi bring to families and visitors as they visit or own their own Koi Ponds.

At our La Habra store we have a 34,000 gallon capacity, temperature-controlled, water tank to maintain our inventory of Quality Koi.

We design, construct and maintain Koi ponds as well as personally inspect and care for Koi. We sell all the equipment necessary to build your own Koi pond. We import our Koi from only the best High Quality Japanese Koi Breeders, working with the #1 Koi Dealer in the U.S.A.

We are also an excellent resource for Koi Lovers as an Educational Center. We own and sell many books on Koi including breeding, health maintainance, Koi showing and hobbyist information, and resolving Koi Diseases.


The Owner, Anura, is also a great resource for your questions about Koi, Koi Ponds, and Gardens. He is a Certified Architectural and Landscaping Designer with an Associates Degree in Landscaping Architecture for Designing Japanese Zen Gardens.

Koi Madura has also begun to provide aquatic supplies to the Los Angeles and Orange County areas alongside other trade and distribution partners.

We are also happy to tell our customers that we are expanding our business to the wholesale market. Please contact us for more information about wholesale pricing.